Performance - On Air

Saturday, May 25, 2019 at 8:00pm


A “Bold New Works for Intimate Stages” Musical Premiere
Music and Lyrics by Matt Conner
Book and Lyrics by Stephen Gregory Smith

Frank met Shirley at the sock hop, but when the dance was over, they turned the car radio on and danced in the parking lot under the stars.  The Johnsons listened while in the cellar, fearfully awaiting details of the storm that was headed in their direction. Mrs. Bloom listened to the church service to give her peace when she was no longer able to attend. Max and Ben listened while off duty at the base camp and learned that they were all going home. They all listened while stuck in traffic on the way to wherever they were headed to next.

On Air explores the radio as constant companion, messenger, and soundtrack of our lives for the past century of American life and pop culture. We will see how much and how little has changed as we turn the dial and tune in.... the tragedies, the triumphs, the telling tales of transitory truths are all on display in this next “Bold New Work” musical premiere.

Adults $32
Seniors $28
Military $28
Students $20
Groups $20