Interfusion Festival

Interfusion Festival

Friday, Jan 17, 2020 at 9:00am


Interfusion Festival brings together like-minded souls from across the US and beyond for four days of learning, healing, play and connection on MLK weekend.


Studio 1 (Ballroom)
9:00am: Thai Bodywork: Principles of Healing Touch
10:30am: AcroYoga Fundamentals: Contact & Pour
12:30pm: Partner Yoga: Handstands & Balancing
2:00pm: Therapeutic AcroYoga: Therapy of Touch
4:00pm: AcroYoga - Glow with the Flow
6:00pm: Thai Massage: Relax & Release
9:00pm: AcroYoga Night Jam

Studio 2 (Ballroom)
9:00am: Lucid Dream Protocol & Analysis
10:30am: Authentic Relating: Playful Connections
12:30pm: Intimacy Practices: The 5 Senses of Touch
2:00pm: Open-Hearted Puja Circle
4:00pm: Intimacy Practices: The Art of the Kiss
6:00pm: The Science of Sexuality, Desire and Relationships
7:45pm: Festival Meditation & Alignment
9:00pm: Ecstatic Dance Party

Studio 3 (Ballroom)
9:00am: Conscious Consent & Boundaries
10:30am: Brazilian Zouk: “Internal Flow” - The Evolution of Letting Things Go
12:30pm: Brazilian Zouk: The Core of the Dance
2:00pm: Brazilian Zouk: The Musicality Playshop
4:00pm: Brazilian Zouk: Grounding in Movement
6:00pm: Brazilian Zouk: Evolving the Body
9:00pm: Brazilian Zouk Party

Studio 4 (Ballroom)
9:00am: Loving-Kindness Meditation
10:30am: Energy Healing: Cutting the Cord Ceremony & Intention Setting
12:30pm: Conscious Sexuality: Communicating & Clarifying Desires
2:00pm: 5Rhythms: To Evolve
4:00pm: Building Relationships with Inspiring Intentions & Agreements
6:00pm: Embodied Vision Board: The Quantum Leap
9:00pm: Bachata Party

Studio 5 (Rosslyn)
9:00am: QiGong
10:30am: On Empathy & Partner Dance
12:30pm: Blindfolding the Roles of Dance
2:00pm: Ayurvedic Studies: The Six Tastes of Food
4:00pm: Shimmy Shimmy Cocoa Pop
6:00pm: Contact Improvisation: Lean on Me
9:00pm: Kizomba Party

Studio 6 (Skyview)
9:00am: Kundalini Yoga: Return to your Great Self - Your Sat Nam
10:30am: Intimacy Practices: The Relationship Toolkit
12:30pm: Intuitive Hygiene: Your Sixth Sense & How to Use It
2:00pm: Radical Honesty: Creating Connection by Telling the Truth
4:00pm: Kundalini Yoga: Breath of Fire
6:00pm: Conscious Conversations: On Chemistry & Connection
9:00pm: Candlelight Conversations

Studio 7 (Alexandria)
12:30pm: Zouk & Intimacy Intensive (Add-On)
3:30pm: Zouk Day Party

Studio 8
9:00pm: Serenity Lounge

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