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Natural Bridge - Natural Bridge Zoo

5784 South Lee Highway

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The Natural Bridge Zoological Park is and always has been privately owned and has never accepted any sort of federal,state, or local funding. The zoo opened its doors to the general public in 1972 and has been growing ever since. Our main purpose has always been the propagation and rearing of threatened or endangered species. We try to offer students and the general public the opportunity to learn about the living animals, birds, and reptiles that share the earth with us. Many children have little or no contact with natural living things in their daily lives. While television programs are educational, there is nothing like standing next to a giraffe, getting nuzzled by a llama, hugging a baby miniature donkey, or gazing into the eyes of a huge white tiger to make you feel and appreciate our wonderful world of animals.
Many uninformed, but well meaning people, believe that all exotic animals belong free in their natural habitat. What they don't realize is that in many instances, the wild habitat has been degraded due to lumbering, poaching, agriculture, and human encroachment. We, at the Natural Bridge Zoo, have been breeding threatened and endangered species for over 40 years. Some of the species which we have propagated are 4 generations of the Scarlet Macaw, 3 generations of the Blue and Gold Macaw, 2 generations of the Military Macaw, 2 generations of the Yellow-Naped Amazon Parrot, 3 generations of the East African Crowned Cranes, 3 generations of the Sacred Ibis, 3 generations of Ringtailed Lemur, 3 generations of Himalayan Bears, 4 generations of Beisa Oryx Antelope, 5 generations of Sitatunga Antelope, 3 generations of Nyala Antelope, 6 generations of Grant Zebra, 5 generations of Dromedary Camels, 3 generations of Capuchin Monkeys, and 5 generations of Grivet Monkeys.


CJ Sizemore II

Saturday, Feb. 3, 2018
It's right of the highway and inexpensive. Not a very big zoo and some of the animals seemed distraught. Other than that I had a good time. You can feed animals by buying bags of feed. They also have some beautiful tigers.

Rachel W

Saturday, Dec. 2, 2017
We have visited a few times now. The staff is friendly, and my son loves feeding the animals. The elephant ride was great. I would prefer these animals all be back in the wild but a lot of places like this save unwanted exotic pets and give them a place to live out their lives in a safe environment. I almost didn't go the 1st time due to the bad reviews but glad we did!!!

Mary McIntire

Friday, March 16, 2018
Love visiting and seeing all that is new. Love all that work there. Great people and knowledgeable..

Sean Feehan

Sunday, Nov. 19, 2017
This "zoo" is a disaster. First impressions walking in with some young pregnant chick with a kid running around and a "I don't want to be here" attitude were disconcerting enough... The parakeet feed sticks were HOT GLUED and the bird couldn't even consume them, even at a dollar a piece I feel cheated. Half of the enclosures did not even have the animals in them with nothing about that listed in the website. Now I get it this time of year there are several types of animals that cannot be exposed to this type of cold like the alligator. But however there should have been some sort of discount or special price on admission. Or at the very least some sort of announcement on the website or even on the front door if you're less than text savvy. Several of the animals had Cuts or some sort of scar on them the tiger enclosures were way too small and unkempt. They're clearly has to be some sort of animal rights violation here even the elephant look like it was about to collapse the trainer that was with him yelled and berated the animal for turning around to look at me and my family there definitely needs to be some animal rights groups that come in here and shut this place down and get these animals to a proper zoo. The only reason this zoo is getting a second star is only because my kids still had a lot of fun out of it but as an adult who knows a thing or two about the world and animal treatment I cannot justify even one. Also the bathrooms had feces smeared all over the back and under side and don't look like they've been cleaned ever

Kevin Share

Tuesday, Nov. 28, 2017
Much better than anything I would have expected. Great place for kids as well as families. Was actually surprised by the number and types of animals here. A white Bengal tiger as well as giraffes and Monkees. Additionally there is also a petting zoo where you can feed some of the animals as well. Take about 90 minutes to walk through and see most of the place.

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