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Grand Caverns

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Grand Caverns was discovered in 1804 by Bernard (Barnette) Weyer while trying to retrieve one of his traps. Weyers Cave opened for tours in 1806, making it the oldest continually operating show cave in the U.S. The caverns were also called the Grottoes of the Shenandoah until named Grand Caverns in 1926.Grand Caverns was declared a National Natural Landmark in 1973. In 1974 the caverns and surrounding acreage was gifted to the Upper Valley Regional Park Authority by its then owner Gladys Kellow and became known as Grand Caverns Regional Park. On October 1, 2009, the Town of Grottoes took possession of its namesake caverns, and consequently, the UVRPA will dissolve.

The cave has gone through several owners and name changes since its discovery in 1804. For a short time after the discovery, the landowner tried to name the cave Amon's or Amen's Cave, after himself. The public quickly reverted to calling it Weyers Cave, in honor of its discoverer, which it was to bear for over 100 years. In 1810, Maththias Ament deeded the property to his daughter Mary and her husband, Henry V. Bingham. Bingham sold the land to John Mohler in 1819 and the property remained in the Mohler family for many years. During the period from 1889 to 1893, the Grottoes Land Company owned Weyers Cave, which was sometimes referred to as the Grottoes of the Shenandoah. The Pirkey Brothers bought the property in 1910 and built a lime kiln on the property. Holly Stover bought the property in 1926 and changed the name from Weyers Cave to Grand Caverns, as it is known today. During the term of the next owner, Gladys Kellow, the US Department of the Interior recognized the property as a National Natural Landmark. In 1974 Miss Kellow gifted the property to the Upper Valley Regional Park Authority, who owned the caverns until 2009. On October 1, 2009, the Town of Grottoes took possession of this glorious property.


Lifestyle Wellness Channel

Tuesday, July 31, 2018
I lucked out and got a private tour! I was the only visitor during my time slot, and I HIGHLY enjoyed Aria's tour of the grand Caverns. I greatly appreciate the efforts of this specific organization to keep the caverns as close to nature as possible while allowing the general public to experience the caverns. Highly recommend!

Emily Cox

Monday, Aug. 6, 2018
definitely recommend visiting. I loved the caverns so much and they have some really interesting history even from the civil war. beautiful beautiful place. there are hand rails on stairs so as along as you can walk unassisted you will be able to do it. the tour was about an hour long

Ryan Keiner

Wednesday, July 25, 2018
It's less expensive and more impressive than the more touristy Luray Caverns. Didn't expect too much having not heard of Grand Caverns before, but the size of some of the caverns is truly impressive. Karen was our tour guide, and she was very entertaining and knowledgeable of the cave system. A fun rainy day activity for that family. My only complaint is that they tell you about all of the cool places in the caverns that you can't go! It just made me feel like I was missing out a little. The hour long mile+ walk through the caves is plenty for the experience it though. The shield rock formations are extremely cool and unique to these caves!

Treva Suit

Wednesday, June 27, 2018
Great tour of the Grand Cavern. Our tour guide, Daniel was awesome. Lots of information but not boring! The caverns are not wheelchair accessible and strollers are not allowed. There are stairs but only a few at a time. You will need to be able to walk just a little over a mile but it is not a fast paced tour and is approximately 70 minutes long. It is definitely worth the stop and I will likely return again.

Patrick Epifanio

Monday, June 4, 2018
This is a very amazing cave with lots of shield formations, which most caves don't even have. The tour guide I got was also very nice and explained the formations very clearly. After the tour, the tour guide also turned on the TV in the waiting room so we could see a video about the newly discovered section of the cave if we wanted. I would highly recommend this cave.

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