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The American Civil War Museum - White House and Museum of the Confederacy

1201 East Clay Street

Mission Statement:
The Museum of the Confederacy's mission is to serve as the preeminent world center for the display, study, interpretation, commemoration, and preservation of the history and artifacts of the Confederate States of America.

About Us:
The Museum of the Confederacy's rich collection of civilian and military Civil War artifacts relating to the Confederate States of America, as well as the post-war "Lost Cause" era, is a valuable resource for the study of the role of the Confederacy in the War and in our society today.

The Museum organizes and sponsors a variety of lectures and other special events and programs, inviting the public to join us in our exploration of American society in the 1800s. Please explore what's happening at the Museum for more information on our schedule of these activities and their content.

Also, a new publication in the Journal series, exploring a particular portion of the Museum's ever-growing collection in-depth, is published annually. These publications are available for purchase through our onsite store. The Museum also produces a semi-annual newsletter with articles taking on many topics and issues surrounding the period of the Confederacy and effects on our society today. A brief selection of some of these articles is available for your perusal under Articles above. Museum members can receive these publications free Join Today!


Michael Riffee

Friday, June 29, 2018
What a fantastic Museum. It's a little challenging to find given its proximity to the hospital in the pharmacy, however, the experience was very amazing. The history within Richmond is astounding. To understand history you must understand all of history, not just the point that supports how you feel. History is really about people and how events are changed and cemented into a legacy. I increase my knowledge base and thoroughly enjoyed the museum although the air conditioning was a bit on the fritz. I was glad to learn more about my country's history. America is diverse Sometimes good sometimes bad sometimes together but hopefully more often than not United.

Rick Gabbert

Monday, July 16, 2018
The experience here was amazing and you learn so much History that it would take someone awhile to explore but well worth the time no matter what. Great place to check out when in Downtown Richmond, Virginia area.

Rebecca Kinney

Sunday, May 27, 2018
This museum was absolutely incredible!! They beautifully displayed one-of-a-kind artifacts that were from the Civil War era and told the stories of generals and captains involved in the war through these artifacts. Our tour of the Confederate Capital was also outstanding! Our tour guide did a great job of describing the history of the place and the lives of Jefferson Davis and his family during the Civil War.

Michael Cresci

Thursday, June 28, 2018
Absolutely fantastic historical experience. Josh was extremely knowledgeable and brought the tour to life. Well worth the price.

Gray Herter

Sunday, May 27, 2018
The White House of the Confederacy tour was excellent. It was nice to see so many original furnishings there, and that such care was taken to present the property as much as possible as it was during the war. The guide gave us a very good understanding of what the house and the Davis' life was like at that time. I was also very impressed by the quality of the artifacts in the museum. The Picketts charge exhibit and its (eight!) original battle flags was especially moving, and that in itself makes the museum special. And to see so many of the personal belongs of JEB Stuart, Robert E Lee, Stonewall Jackson, etc. was also unexpected. The collection is first class. I look forward to coming back to tour the combined museum at the Tredegar site when the construction and move is complete.

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