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Peninsula Community Theatre

Peninsula Community Theatre
10251 Warwick Boulevard

During the 1980’s, the scene shop was converted into a Black Box Theatre, which became a permanent home for about 10 years. In the late 1980’s, PCT went dark (no productions), sold the Marshall Avenue property and reorganized the group. The early 1990’s saw Kiln Creek as our home. It was in 1994 that the Village Theatre, located on Warwick Blvd. at the corner of Main Street in Historic Hilton Village became available, and that’s where our home has been for the last thirteen years.

The movie theater was converted into a setting for live stage productions. The renovation plans were drawn up, submitted for approval to the Hilton Historical Society, and then a contractor was secured. In just 61 days, the movie theatre was converted to what we have today. The conversion process was completed just in time to open with “Chicago”.

Traditionally, and based on polls and surveys, the PCT audiences like to see musicals, comedies and mysteries. All shows are family oriented. In addition to the main stage productions, there is a series of Children Shows. Each year, five main stage productions and five children’s shows are produced, usually with six to eight weeks between each production.

Our main goal is to offer a venue for local talent to perform in as professional a setting as possible.

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