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Metro Richmond Zoo

8300 Beaver Bridge Road

The Zoo opened to the public on April 22, 1995. Over the years, the Metro Richmond Zoo has grown to 120 acres. The Zoo is now home to over 2,000 animals, representing 180 different species from around the world. 



Saturday, June 2, 2018
Amazing local zoo! It just is. The primate collection here lacks only Gorillas but otherwise astounds visitors who consider this a small, out-of-the-way zoo. Their reptile house is finalizing construction, and is really becoming top notch. Their aesthetic improvements over the past 12 months are excellent as is their continued development and expansion of their very substantial zip line and ropes course. Finally ... and this is what motivated me to get this review out: they respond to visitor needs and experience. They have a very thoughtful kiddie climbing playground at the back of the park and near the snack stand, train, and sky lift. The placement is perfect in so many ways. Kids who have had their attention spans stretched beyond reason can let loose at the gym and then sit still for the motorized rides that are very nice. Also, they are now adding in water fountains and other creature comforts for visitors that have been lacking until this year (this is a big deal with multiple, tired and sweaty young ones in the blazing 90+ degree heat). Great job Richmond Metro Zoo!

Christopher Winkler

Friday, April 27, 2018
A small, cozy zoo with some upsides and downsides. The downsides first: the parking lot is mostly just gravel and grass, so it's a mud pit after a recent rain. Bring mud boots if it rained in the last day before visiting. If you visit during a field trip day (like a Friday), expect the zoo to be, forgive me, a zoo. Hundreds of child running and screaming. I don't mind this at all, and the heroic teachers keep them in check, but be warned if you don't like crowds. The zoo is quite small though they have plans for expansion. The exhibits can be sad if you consider the living arrangements of the animals. This is not a big city zoo, so you won't find elaborate habitats here. The upsides: you can get reasonably close to all of the animals here, especially the giraffes. The zoo is clean and decently kept. It's very easy to navigate and there are fun activities for children like a carousel, train ride, and more (for extra $$). There is a small restaurant with hot dogs and the like near the entrance, and there are tons of picnic tables nearby. Bathrooms are also near the entrance (the only ones in the zoo, I think). There is a cute gift shop near the entrance as well. Overall, I think this is a fun trip for the family, especially for younger kids. For older children, a day trip to the national zoo in DC is what they need.

Dustin R

Sunday, June 3, 2018
This is a great zoo. I’ve been to zoos all over the country and world and I was impressed by this one. Everywhere you turn there is a new animal to see and they are all so close. The animals look healthy and happy. I think some other reviews have been pretty unfair about the look of the zoo, I actually like it, it’s more of a farm feeling. The train ride is great. One thing I would say is the entrance to the zoo is hidden from the road, I would’ve expected a big sign. Parking is free at least.

Jodi Trumbauer

Sunday, June 3, 2018
This was the best zoo I ever visited! You could pet and feed the animals as much as you wanted! The exhibits allowed for close viewing and interaction with most animals unlike some zoos where you walk by and say "There they are kids, way back in the corner." Not too small, not too big, JUST RIGHT. And some innovative extras to help with funding like the zip lining, and sky rides and trains but not so expensive it will break a family's bank.

John Spatz

Wednesday, May 30, 2018
A great experience! Despite having a small time feel it is one of the better zoos I have been to! Animals were VERY active when I was there, looked well taken care of as well. Plus you get to feed the giraffe's and get closer to the animals than at pretty much any other zoo! I was very pleasantly surprised by just how good this zoo is!

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