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Barboursville Vineyards

17655 Winery Road

Open: Year Round

Welcome to the home of Octagon, the wine that has come to define the viticultnral region envisioned by Tliomas Jefferson, and established here in 1976 by Gianni and Silvana Zonin.

Octagon derives its name from the symbolic centerpiece of this estate, the Great Room defining the mansion Jefferson created for Governor ]ames Barbour.

This wine crowns the pursuit of a constant vision, however, in all one encounters here to redeem the gift of a gracious, generous ground, with vintages of vivid beauty.


Demian Perry

Friday, July 6, 2018
Sample 17 wines for $7. If you like it, be sure to buy a glass of the octagon (generally considered Virginia's greatest wine) before you move on to the dessert wines -- $15 a glass. If it's not to your palate, at least wander over to the ruins for a glimpse of the raw bones of Monticello. Be sure to return in 2020 when Luca unveils the 2017 varietals, which are destined to dazzle.

Amber Ressen

Wednesday, Aug. 1, 2018
$7 wine tasting! Great deal. Lots of dry wines, not many sweet wines. Also some local ruins built buy Thomas Jefferson

Terri Mabry Pendleton

Friday, March 30, 2018
Very large winery, pretty grounds, cool ruins on property. Nice tasting room, but the wines were awful. Plus the guy doing our tasting was absolutely TOASTED. Just ridiculously high. We'd ask questions about the wine and he'd just laugh and stare and walk away. Comical, but not really useful. The kids had a good time walking over to the ruins. They charge for tastings, but you get a cute little wine glass, and they gave our kids free bottled waters. I really wish the wines were better because the staff were really nice, even super high dude.

Patricia Crawford

Saturday, July 21, 2018
The Library tasting is an awesome experience! Loved the wines and the setting! Thank you Pam and Alyson for a great experience! 🍷❤️

Beau Fleurs

Saturday, May 26, 2018
Very disappointed! This was our first visit to the Virginia wineries (having started our wine journey two years ago in the Finger Lakes region), and we were VERY excited to visit Barboursville because it was the oldest winery in the area and carried so much heritage. The gentleman who founded this winery was responsible for bringing wine grapes to the area, or so we were told, and we drove 35 minutes out of our way to come visit the winery. The scenery and buildings were stunning, but they are simply masking bad wine and worse service. The tasting room staff were rude and unwelcoming from the very beginning when we asked to do a tasting and went to pay for it. The young woman acted as though we didn't exist and was far too engrossed in her conversation with her coworker to even notice us. She did not even look me in the eye, explain anything or say more than five words to me while taking payment. The tasting room is set up in an "assembly line" set-up, where you walk around the room and taste different wines at different locations. We were not greeted at all at the first two stations we went to, and waited significantly longer than other guests for our pours. It was as if we were invisible. The first woman did not explain the tasting protocol to us, and was fairly rude when she asked us where our paper was (a paper we did not know existed and we hadn't been given when we paid for the tasting). When my husband went to get the paper, she went to explain the wine and pour in both our glasses, without him even present to hear. Overall, terrible service. I spoke to the manager, who was fantastic and did her best, but it seemed that haughty service and a lack of care for customers was engrained in the majority of the staff. We left after tasting three wines, because we were so uncomfortable. Do not waste your time.

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