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Ash Lawn-Highland

2050 James Monroe Parkway

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Once home of James Monroe, fifth president of the United States. President Monroe and his wife, Elizabeth Kortright Monroe, owned the property from 1793 to 1826 and made it their official residence from 1799 to 1823. After the Monroes’ death, the name of their farm was changed from Highland to Ash Lawn; today both names are used. Ash Lawn-Highland was opened for public visitation in 1931 by philanthropist Jay Winston Johns and his wife Helen Lambert Johns.

Upon his death in late 1974, Mr. Johns bequeathed Ash Lawn-Highland to the College of William and Mary, where James Monroe studied from 1774 to 1776. Accepting the Johns’ bequest “to operate this property as a historic shrine for the education of the general public,” the College initiated new programs in restoration and interpretation at Ash Lawn-Highland. It continues to own and operate the site today.

Ash Lawn-Highland continues the tradition begun by the Monroes of welcoming friends, neighbors, dignitaries, and visitors to share what James Monroe called his “place of comfort and hospitality”. It is the scene of meetings, parties, picnics, living history interpretations, and a variety of special events. Throughout the year our activities provide a glimpse of nineteenth-century life through architecture, decorative arts, and craft demonstrations on the grounds. Ash Lawn-Highland is also a gathering place for William and Mary alumni and staff. We are currently at work on new plans for visitor experiences at the site. Starting this spring, the house tour will enter through the Monroe period north door rather than through the house’s later nineteenth-century addition. This will allow a visitor to view the modest house nestled in its surroundings before seeing the interior. Dialogue with notable scholars of Monroe and the time period are helping us to focus on Monroe’s many accomplishments in forming and strengthening the United States.

Ash Lawn-Highland is open year-round. If this is your first visit to Ash Lawn-Highland, we welcome you and hope you will return often to note the evolution of our interpretation efforts and to participate in our special events. If you have visited before, we are grateful for your continuing interest. All of us hope that each of you has an enjoyable and rewarding visit.


Adam Longwell

Monday, June 25, 2018
A small, modest home but worth visiting for anyone interested in American History. Due to it's proximity to the other Presidential homes, I feel like it is worth the stop over. There isn't much to see but what they do have is worth seeing. I was a touch disappointed by the lack of exhibits available and I feel like this site could really use some more support from the public.

Jason Brown

Monday, July 16, 2018
Very nice visit! The day we went was not crowded so our family could take all the time we needed without feeling rushed. It is exciting as more and more is being found out about the buildings and grounds!

Terry Clark

Sunday, July 29, 2018
A little did appointing since the home is not the actual home only the house in back that is shown first. The little white house is the original guest house. The are doing some archeological digging there and have uncovered many things. Also not a wide selection of Monroe souvenirs, for example, spoons, thimble ,shirts,or the usual type things that a majority of tourist like to encounter at these places.

Mark Chamberlain

Monday, Aug. 6, 2018
This is a totally different tour/place, and for the better! Don't want to give anything away regarding the changes but well worth the time to visit.

Ashley Rosson

Monday, June 25, 2018
We had the privilege of coming out on opening day. Beautiful grounds!! We love James Monroes Highland, that now offers trails too!! We love this place and all that it has to offer!

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