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Westmoreland Berry Farm

1235 Berry Farm Lane

 Steeped in History:

Westmoreland Berry Farm was launched in 1983 in its modern form.

The history of the property and the land it sits on goes back a long, long way before the 20th Century.

From Paleo Indians to Independence:

It is fascinating to delve deeper into what has taken place over the centuries on or near the land that is now Westmoreland Berry Farm.

From the Paleo Indians to the arrival of the English colonists in 1607; from John Smith’s visit to the area in 1608, and the legend of Pocahontas, to the Civil War and independence - both of which played such a enormous role in Virginia’s history - the landscape and surrounding areas are steeped in fascinating history.

Northern Neck's Rich Tapestry:

At Westmoreland Berry Farm, we are proud to be a part of the important historical, cultural and natural tapestry that is Virginia’s Northern Neck.

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