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Virginia Aviation Museum

Virginia Aviation Museum
5701 Huntsman Road

Mission Statement:
-to deepen our understanding of man and his environment;
-to promote a knowledge of the scientific method and thus encourage objectivity in the everyday affairs of man;
-to engage in instruction and research in the sciences in order to educate citizens of all ages in the concepts and principles of science and how these concepts and principles form the foundation upon which rests our technological society and its economy;
-to use, subject to the approval of the accredited educational facilities concerned, Museum personnel in educational programs;
-to motivate and stimulate young people to seek careers in science;
-to encourage an understanding of the history of scientific endeavor;
-to provide special facilities and collections for the study of Virginia's natural resources; and,
-to foster a love of nature and a concern for its preservation.

About Us:
The Virginia Aviation Museum features the spectacular SR-71 Blackbird; 30 historic, vintage aircraft; reproductions of the Wright brothers' kite, gliders and famous 1903 Flyer; early flight memorabilia; a World War II diorama that includes the Tuskegee Airmen and Women's Airforce Service Pilots; and the Virginia Aviation Hall of Fame.

Knowledgeable and friendly volunteers share the history of the planes including the luxurious 1936 Vultee V1-AD once owned by William Randolph Hearst. Find out about Virginia's legendary Adm. Richard E. Byrd as you examine Stars and Stripes, the first American research plane to fly over Antarctica. See a rare World War I SPAD VII in mint condition, as well as the plane Charles Lindbergh really wanted to fly across the Atlantic! Walk around a Navy A-4C Skyhawk or Virginia Army National Guard UH-1V Huey.

Investigate the forces of flight and find out how jet and piston engines generate power. Watch a wind tunnel in operation. Fly a flight simulator. Take the controls of a real J-3 Cub. Enjoy aviation films and lectures in the Benn Theater and view aviation art from the USAF Art Association.

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