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The Natural Bridge Wax Museum

70 Wert Faulkner Highway

The Natural Bridge Wax Museum in VA is a wonderful place to tour, and it offers something for everyone as it features highlights of the history of the Natural Bridge. Tours of this Wax Museum can be included in your admission ticket. Learn more about this unique museum and plan to stay and tour this Wax Museum in Virginia and its wax figurine factory.

The Wax Museum in Virginia at the Natural Bridge features figurines and scenes from Virginia's history and the Natural Bridge history. Featuring legends of the Revolution and the historical generals of the Confederacy, this Wax Museum in VA has wax figurines of George Washington, Thomas Jefferson and other historical figures. In fact, when you tour this Wax Museum in VA you will see more than 150 life sized statues placed throughout the museum, and you can even take a look at the on site factory and studio. At the Natural Bridge Wax Museum, the figurines are simply stunning and so life like that many remark that they are indeed works of art. The Natural Bridge Wax Museum is one of the only Wax Museums in Virginia to ship their figurines and statues worldwide to other museums and collections throughout the world.


Buck Hanks

Monday, June 2, 2014
Natural Bridge is just a wonderful place. Yes, it is over-priced. But the sites are breathtaking and the charm is overwhelming. Unfortunately the attached attractions are leaving though. The exquisite Toy Museum and Butterfly Cave are already gone; and next season the historic Wax Museum will be closed. The owners should have considered holding on to these nice extras...its depressing. I suppose the Zoo and Caverns will remain and that's a plus. The worst I can say is that it used to be better. A real family have visited here every year since forever.

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