Museum of Chincoteague Island

7125 Maddox Boulevard

The mission of the Museum of Chincoteague is to collect and preserve the material culture that reflects the historical progression of the life on Chincoteague Island. To accomplish our mission, we display and interpret those objects to enhance the understanding of various experiences and events from the towns past by preserving objects of significance, along with proper documenting of their history and acquisition, for the use of further generations in understanding the history of Chincoteague Island.

Since the re-dedication in 2010 from the Oyster Museum to the Museum of Chincoteague Island, thousands of visitors have enjoyed and learned from our exhibits. Included in the museum is the First Order Fresnel Lens from the Assateague Island Lighthouse, the iconic Chincoteague ponies known as Misty and Stormy, models of vessels that plied the Chincoteague waters long ago, oral histories and artifacts that tell the story of Chincoteague Island life throughout its’ long and varied existence.


Letizia Butler

Monday, Nov. 13, 2017

Great place to learn more about the life and culture of this close knit community that was cut off from the mainland for so long. Great for older children and young at heart people😁. They have a scavenger hunt where you have to find a list of objects all located somewhere within the exhibits. Some of them are really tricky!!! Spent an enjoyable one hour + at the museum. Wonderful cold or rainy day activity.


Saturday, Sep. 23, 2017

I had a group of people to enjoy a short get away in September. The hotel we were staying gave us tokens to visit the museum 4 free. Well in September, they r only open on a Friday, Saturday and Sunday, but the hotel contacted someone and got them to open the museum for us to see...great little museum.

Leah B

Friday, Nov. 17, 2017

Very cute museum with tons of history about the island. Charges $4 per person which isn't too bad.

Tricia Mallett

Sunday, Sep. 24, 2017

Very comprehensive. Whoever wrote the signage in here had a great arms of humor. Wonderful collection of artifacts from the colorful history of the island and its people.

The Adventures of Dan&Stella

Monday, July 31, 2017

Very small museum but it does a good job of interpreting the area. The stuffed hides of Misty and Stormy are here as well. Lots of maritime history and local stuff. I really liked their scavenger hunt they offered, even if I didn't have time to compete it. more museums should do that. One of the Beebees came to speak and I caught a bit of it. More of an informal speech rather than anything really informative. Would spend about half an hour to an hour here.