Luray Caverns

101 Cave Hill Road

About Us:

Since discovery in 1878 by a tinsmith and a local photographer, visitors by the millions have made Luray Caverns the most popular cave in Eastern America and an internationally acclaimed destination.
4,000,000 centuries in the making beneath Virginia's storied Shenandoah Valley, this "must see" U.S. Natural Landmark awaits your discovery. One hour tours, from well-lighted, paved walkways lead visitors through cathedral-sized rooms with ceilings 10 stories high. Enormous chambers are filled with towering columns, shimmering draperies and crystal-clear pools.
Also in this subterranean wonderland, "Hear Rocks Sing" as you experience the haunting sounds of the world's largest musical instrument, The Great Stalacpipe Organ. Completely unique are the beautiful tones created by this one-of-a-kind instrument, which makes music of concert quality from the surrounding stalactite formations covering more than three acres.

Luray Caverns, for more than 130 years, has been renowned as one of the world's most spectacular natural wonders. A world of magic and majesty, still as marvelously beautiful as described in the newspaper headlines over a century ago.


Melissa Walker

Thursday, Aug. 17, 2017

Luray caverns was great. The two museums are included in your $27 cave tour. There's a $8 maze with tall hedges, lots of room to explore, and a fountain in the center. The car museum was pretty cool. There's also an adventure like park where you can walk on ropes and stuff, but I opted out of that. We spent from 12:30 until 5:30 there and loved every moment. Do your selves a favor, bring your own lunch and drinks. The food is pricey and not all that good. I got the BBQ and french fries (small portioned) and it came out to be about $14 without a drink. I'm not sure if the natural organ really played in the caverns when we went down there because I didn't see the metal pieces attached to the stalactite(s) move. Maybe it was a recording? Our tour guide had a lot of patience and was nice. There a part of the tour called short man's revenge. I was ducking a good portion of that. The temp remains at a constant in the caverns throughout the entire year. It wasn't cold enough to wear a jacket.

junior ocansey

Sunday, Sep. 3, 2017

Absolute beauty! The only downside is , it's not stroller friendly for moms with babies who can't carry them☹️. I was very fortunate to have met very kind people who helped me with my stroller to navigate the slopes on the cave. A staff member Henry was nice to bring my stroller down, Thomas who was also visiting from Atlanta very kindly stayed behind with us so we don't fall and another lady with her family carried my backpack. Very grateful! Yes I was so tired that I forgot to take their emails to send thank you notes, but if any of you read this, I just want you to know you were my angels last Friday!!

Chuck Gottleib

Wednesday, Aug. 16, 2017

This was a wonderful experience, very happy took my wife for her birthday as we both have never experienced anything like this. it was very well organized from the entry to the tour guide and the ending, very well worth the $. I would like to ad the tour guide was so wonderful and knowledgeable she spoke clear and professional. it made for a fantastic day. The only thing I wish is that we had more then an hour however its a popular place and I will not take any stars away as they have to limit there time because of the crowds the hour was very memorable with ZERO complaints.

Geoff Rivers

Saturday, July 22, 2017

A definite tourist destination. The caverns are quite spectacular, but the site is so developed for tourism, it takes away a bit from the natural beauty. I have previously visited Crystal Cave in Sequoia National Park - which I felt was more natural than this setting. The cost is very high ($27/Adult), but the caves are very well maintained, and lots of staff provided useful information along the tour, and answered any questions we had. For less than that, you can get a day pass for your whole family into the Shenandoah Valley National Park - which I found more spectacular with much more to see and do. If you haven't visited a cave before, this might be worth it, but otherwise, I'd recommend enjoying some of the other natural beauty of the Shenandoah valley.

Mark McCurry

Tuesday, Aug. 1, 2017

Unbelievable beauty. Education tour coordinator was extremely flexible, pushing back our scheduled day when we had an issue and allowing us to start earlier when we were running ahead of schedule. All of the tour guides were professional, entertaining, and loud enough to be heard by the entire group. Ours was Kelsey and she was the best. I'll be bringing the family back here. Well worth the money.