Great Waves Waterpark

4001 Eisenhower Avenue

Great Waves offers some of the most unique and fun water attractions in Northern Virginia! Great Waves also offers several other attractions to really make your day memorable.


Aqeel Butt

Wednesday, Sep. 6, 2017

You get what you pay for. Its not an up to date park, but definitely can make the best of it. I went there for my son, and he had a great time. Great for kids. 3 year old.

Ingrid Roca

Monday, July 31, 2017

One of the best parks in my opinion. I went after 4pm and it's definitely worth the value. Fun slides for my 9 year old but also a lot of places for my toddler to play. We went on a Monday so it wasn't crowded at all. My go to water park from now on.

Siara Sanchez

Thursday, July 27, 2017

You get what you pay for first off, and for the price it was very decent place, close to home. Kids loved it. It was clean, we went during the week and early so it wasn't packed. The crowd or staff were not rude to my family. Will go again.

Monet Hines

Friday, Aug. 18, 2017

It was fun there but my friend almost drowned due to the life guards not paying any attention to the swimmers. Before this situation with her growing I almost drowned my self , my otherfriend couldn't help due to the life guards telling her not to pass the red line even though she can swim & if that was the case why let my friend that almost drowned go to 8 ft so I had to save myself but I winded leaving my friend who is on 4 feet & some inches in a tube & she flipped over but luckily some life guards helped as some laughed . Before she even drowned she yelled I can't swim & the life guard told the other life guard & they both laughed .They need more sturdy slides & not to mention some one else hit there head on the slide because life guards not paying attention and he ran up the slide and fell. Then some one pooped in the pool ! Not a good park but it was a little fun.

clorox bleach

Friday, July 21, 2017

Well it's a good waterpark, it's just.... the kids. They follow you around. And the wave pool is the worst! I was in a float with my cousin we liked to be pushed by the waves and a get flipped over by someone they threw me and my cousin out of the float ( we were 10 ) and I never came back. They have sand and a play house but last time I saw it it was infested with bees and spiders. But the rides are good. I recommend six flags.