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Amazement Square - The Rightmire Children's Museum

27 Ninth Street

Amazement Square is Central Virginia's first multidisciplinary, hands-on children's museum! Climb, slide and discover as you make your way through four floors of exciting, interactive exhibits, activities and programs.

Visitors of all ages, backgrounds and abilities can explore global and regional topics, the arts and humanities, science and health-related themes, as well as expand their creativity.


Larc Yarn

Thursday, Aug. 2, 2018
Bring our 2 year old whenever we’re visiting family and she loves this place. Especially the farm exhibit, where she can milk the cow, and the paint room. Even when there are larger groups there, we still have a great time. I’m really, really happy with the ‘under 36 months’ room.

William McGann

Sunday, June 10, 2018
My kids love going and interacting with the exhibits, and always learn something while there. The staff are extremely helpful and seem genuinely interested in providing a fun learning experience for children. There are intermittent issues with the reliability of some of the exhibits, but nothing beyond what would be expected with many children constantly playing with them.

Rebekah Hunter

Monday, June 4, 2018
It is a fun place for kids, big or small. Some of the exhibits I think are neat and well done (the waterworks exhibit with ships and canals, etc; the crane exhibit where you can replace the steeples on two churches; ones on native American life). Others are a bit mediocre, or (in my opinion) don't teach the kids as much. To be fair, exhibits do change, and overall I think they've done a great job. Plenty of kids and parents seem to think it well worth the time and money; it's always pretty full. As always, parental guidance can make a lot or a little out of the experience.

Stephanie Bartlett

Friday, March 16, 2018
This place has been named exactly what it should be named! I absolutely was amazed by everything in this place. My kids and I had a blast exploring every single book and cranny of every single floor of this place even all the way up into the tower to look out over the James river! This place, as I said before, (and my kids are DEFINITELY in agreement) is AMAZING!! You have got to see Amazement Square for yourself to really get to appreciate the truly amazing wonder that it is. Don't pass it off! You and your kids will be so happy that you decided to go!

Joshua Allen

Monday, May 14, 2018
Stellar place to take the kids! Cool spot in downtown with some family-friendly eats nearby, as well as a walking park and river front. Amazement Square does a lot of great events and community events, but just a normal day holds tons of fun and learning experiences. Paint the walls, climb a tower indoors, slide back down to the bottom, play and explore different centuries. All ages - it's great!

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