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Alexandria Archaeology Museum

Alexandria Archaeology Museum
105 North Union Street, #327

Mission Statement

The Alexandria Archaeology Museum is dedicated to preserving and studying Alexandria’s rich archaeological heritage and fostering within citizens and visitors a connection between the past and present while inspiring a sense of stewardship and adventure.

The Alexandria Archaeology Museum seeks to discover and bring meaning to the City’s buried heritage by:

Uncovering and sharing the past in partnership with our hundreds of community volunteers, as well as developers, educators and colleagues in anthropology, history, museums, the arts, travel and recreation.

Stimulating thought and awareness from the study of materials and information relating to Alexandria’s 10,000 years of human history and its relationships to the world and region.

Finding new sites, information and methods to enrich our knowledge of the wide variety of people who once walked here.

Exploring the common ground of human existence, yet recognizing the unique qualities of individuals and their contributions.

Protecting fragile archaeological materials and landscapes in the ground as precious resources in order that historical integrity is preserved for the future.

Ensuring that significant archaeological resources are preserved in the course of Alexandria’s growth and development using contemporary professional standards.

Creating opportunities in which heritage resources can be developed into public amenities in cooperation with new construction.

Maintaining a repository and archive for over two million artifacts and associated records from Alexandria’s archaeological sites which meets federal and professional standards.

Managing the Alexandria Archaeology Collection in perpetuity and conserving vulnerable artifacts to benefit research and education.

Encouraging the public to experience archaeology first-hand in the Alexandria Archaeology Museum.

Sparking curiosity, exploration, observation, understanding and appreciation of the archaeological process through public programs.

Expanding access to archaeology through publications, public venues and recreational pursuits.

Instilling through heritage resource research and education a sense of community identity as well as enjoyment and collective ownership of the past for all Alexandrians.

Cultivating the value of scholarship and a preservation ethic.

Providing leadership and training in community archaeology to expand commitment and expertise in the wise use and appreciation of urban resources.

Promoting Alexandria worldwide as a model city for archaeological research, preservation planning, collections management, public education and heritage tourism.

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