Spring SOLOS

Friday, May 24, 2019 from 12:00pm to 5:00pm


Date:April 13 - June 7, 2019

Main Galleries
For Spring SOLOS 2019, artists Brian Barr, Emily Campbell, Noel Kassewitz, Greg Stewart, Greta Bergstresser, Jack Warner, and Ying Zhu will install solo-style exhibitions in AAC’s seven main gallery spaces. The artists tackle timely environmental issues, draw on their own experiences of childhood, and create installations that shift viewers’ perceptions of time, space, and history in work that encompasses sculpture, photography, installation, drawing, and painting.

Artists Greg Stewart and Noel Kassewitz offer unique perspectives while exploring the environmental and societal impacts of climate change. In his interactive installation, Stewart seeks to create a dialogue surrounding individual and collective decision-making in the context of environmental degradation. Kassewitz takes a satirical approach to the subject, creating mixed-media works on canvas that double as flotation devices.

Greta Bergstresser and Jack Warner each draw inspiration from past experiences. Bergstresser’s photography reflects her childhood growing up on a self-sustaining farm and considers the various social and political perspectives that can lead individuals to build their lives outside of mainstream cultural norms. Warner, inspired by his own experiences as an educator and AAC’s past as a school, creates a new installation that explores the physical and psychological spaces of the educational system.

Working with everyday materials, Ying Zhu creates a site-specific installation emphasizing the fragile, ephemeral, and poetic qualities within and beyond our habitual perceptions. Expanding on past projects, Brian Barr examines the tension between meaning and aesthetics, presenting images stripped of their context and given new associations in dialogue with one another. Inspired by mythology and history, Emily Campbell constructs a fantastical heterotopic space exploring themes of ritual, hedonism, and crumbling utopia.