Haunted Hunt Club Farm Attraction

Haunted Hunt Club Farm Attraction

Wednesday, Oct 28, 2020 from 6:30pm to 11:00pm



A Scream Park of Halloween Thrills

Terrifying Haunts, Live Characters, Midway Concessions, Vendors, And More!

Come join our motley cast of characters as we celebrate,

“Talk a Walk on the Wild Side!”

Haunted Hunt Club Farm’s Halloween Festival is a winner of the Haunted Attraction Association’s 2019-2020 Top-Rated Haunts in America, a 2019 Trip Advisor “Hall of Fame” Certificate of Excellence recipient, and a 2019 Military Trusted Business by My Base Guide mention.  

All New Scream Team And Extreme Halloween

Haunted Attractions and Creepy Characters

On-site every night at a safe 10’ distance.  You never know where they might appear for a selfie of Halloween fun.   

Safety is Hunt Club Farm’s priority.   Guests are required to have their temperatures scanned prior to entry and face masks are mandatory to help prevent the spread of COVID-19

Towhe Of Terror Haunted Walk Thru:
Devil’s Detour 2020

There’s a small town, virtually hidden from the world, deep inside the forest, near Hunt Club Farm.

Those who built what is now known as The Towne of Terror, ranged from single parents with children who ran out of luck to the worst criminals you could imagine.

Basically, a mix of families, outcasts & fugitives, who gathered in a lawless commune to escape their pasts. UNTIL…..  A very precarious character came to town, preaching about finding Peace through Anarchy…

Welcome to The Gathering…

There is no need to be frightened. For soon, your body and mind will be cleansed of all worldly decadence and addictions! Your soul will be forever free of all demons, all maladies, all misery! Together, we will liberate ALL souls who venture near, making this a far, far better world!

Yes, we fear you will experience some initial pain and suffering during the cleansing procedure but believe us when we say it is indeed such a small price to pay for the ultimate glory that awaits you!

Do not be afraid and do NOT try to escape. Those who have escaped have been cursed to live out their days in the netherworld between life and death. They have in turn become savage creatures of the night who are forever searching for answers,  searching for souls, searching for sustenance. Beware of those moving shadows you see in the night!

Field of Screams:
Toxic Nightmare

There are tales of sinister secrets that lie within this forbidden cornfield of horror. Some say the shadows of deceased farmers and their families have returned to re-claim their land. However, deep within the corn rests an old family secret.

The owner’s grandson, Paul was a simple boy, shy and strange looking.  At school and in town, Paul was joked and tormented about his red hair, big head and country style. He ignored being called, “Pumpkin Head” but the bullying drove Paul into seclusion.  By the time he was 10 years old, he was an expert trapper and helped keep the family’s meat locker well stocked.

One evening, while helping tie up a fallen scarecrow, he just vanished into the night. The family was crazy with grief and never gave up the search to find the missing boy. After 15 years, the boy was discovered ALIVE, but tied to a neighbor’s scarecrow stand in the back field of their 100- acre farm. His face was sun scared, and crow picked… he was almost a skeleton but refused treatment from anyone other than his grandfather .

He was never seen again during the day. However, it has been said that he is often seen roaming these parts and this cornfield at night. People also say, that “Pumpkin Head’s” grandfather glued burlap to his face to disguise his scars and disfigurement. And they are seeking revenge…

Stay clear of this cornfield of Screams or you will be part of… The Dark Harvest!

Village of the Dead Evil Eyes:
We dare you to enter the Village of the Dead as each step on the twisted path takes you deeper inside these wicked woods and closer to the tortured souls. The “Unforgiven Villagers” were condemned to dwell in the Eternal Night. Their fates sealed, by the evil deeds they committed in life. Trapped in everlasting death, enraged by their purgatory, and doomed to haunt an endless night.  Many claim, they’ve had experiences that challenge all human understanding while walking through this old wooded Village.

Life, rather death, for the Village inhabitants has become excruciating! Their soul’s fate to dwell in eternal purgatory has been threatened by horrible disease and suffering. Filthy, disease ridden rats invaded causing festering sores, rotting flesh, and disfigurement. As the plague spread, the sickly Villagers frantically searched for a cure to ease their eternal suffering. Join their quest to rid the Village of rats and cure the plague but BEWARE of what you will encounter lurking Beyond the Grave in the Village of the Dead.

General Admission - $30

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